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Hi there!

I must, of course, do the obligatory introduction, so bare with me. 

I am not saying this to be modest, but I am a terrible writer, so I do apologise in advance; I have a fantastic copy editor whom I’m guessing might just cut this part out. I’m going to talk here from my heart over a glass of wine and keep it real without boring you with my whole life story.

I guess I’m like most women who, after starting a family, realise that if they can raise a whole human being well, we can do anything we put our minds to. So with a bit of courage and support, I started to mould a life I could be genuinely inspired by. 

At the start, I could see friends and family who had visions for their business adventures, so in my way of helping, I offered my design and artistic skills and created designs for their businesses. Then, with my self-taught skills and advanced education, everything snowballed ahead. I started my freelance graphic & website design business, ya me! 

I am a visional soul seeker, a bit of a feeler, easy to talk to and always treat all my design work with the utmost care. I have loved this journey so far, where the learning and discovery never end and constantly evolving.

What I teach my girls now is always to follow where your heart is trying to take you, listen to it, feel it and go with it. There is no right or wrong direction. It just shifts and turns and keeps going. You never know. You might just become your authentic self along the way. And don’t regret anything; life is too short for regrets but use these lessons in life’s journey. 

Studio 63 – What a name, yes, I know it’s not very unique and catchy, but it is me. You see, I have a little studio in my home at number 63, and well, that’s where I live most days here or in my veggie patch. So when you see Studio 63, please think of me snuggled up in my beautiful little studio space working on all my unique client’s creations while surrounded by loads of indoor plants …well, the ones that have survived so far, that is. 

A little message from me – never settle, you are true with more than you realise and as they say, if you do something your love, you will never work a day in your life. Be inspired every day and inspire others to do the same.