The Process

Meet & Learn

Our initial goal is to learn as much about your business and passion as possible. We are passionate about achieving a desirable outcome for your project and keeping with the projects scope. We use a tool call a design brief to help gather this important information, sometimes this can take a few minutes out of your day, but it will be time worth investing which will save time down the track. From this we obtain a clear idea of the scope for your project which keeps everyone on the same wavelength.


Once we have a clear understanding for the scope of the project we hit the ground running with research of your business, competitor, what’s trending and different areas of your business. We look at colour, design, layout requirements, style and design ideas that will best go with the outline from your design brief.


This is when the magic happens, when we get the creative minds flowing! Bring what we have learnt about your business from the design brief and our own research we put pencil to paper.


Once we have developed at least 2 workable sketch designs that cover the projects scope, and your business needs, we start developing them into a final digital design. Where we focus on design with branding colours and brand identity for your final design.


In our presentation of the final design concept, we will go over the rationale behind the designs and why we feel they would be successful. You then provide your feedback on the design.


From your feedback and selection of the design you most favour, we then take in any additional concertation’s to create the final design. Keeping the project goals in mind we develop different variance to present to your final revision.


Once final design is approved, final payment is made we will transfer all digital file formats to you for ownership.


Now you’re ready to launch your new project!! Make sure you celebrate your new milestone!